Subject Matter Experts

Our team has worked on all of the pressing issues of the day, including issues related to businesses and COVID-19 relief efforts. Additionally, some of the areas where we have issue advocacy experience include:

It is tough to imagine a more critical sector of the economy currently than health care.  While our elected leaders are well-intentioned, many of them lack the practical experience and training to know the detailed inter-workings of our healthcare system. We can provide expert witness testimony, as well as bill and media background on any issue related to health care.  If you are a healthcare professional frustrated by what you see in Sacramento and on the news, our firm can connect you with decision makers to make your voice heard.

Grants For Public/Non-Profit Entities:
We will come alongside your efforts to support your non-profit or your municipality and guide you through the state and federal grants application process. Our services include guiding your organization through grants selection, grants writing assistance and collecting support for the grant before it is submitted.

Our team has worked on education policy challenges including: vocational/technological certification challenges,  K-12 challenges with re-opening schools, and unique challenges faced by institutions of higher learning during these unprecedented times.

We can assist your senior leadership team in navigating the maze of state regulations and advocacy.

Corporate Responsibility:
Why should corporations give back? What do you gain from community engagement? We can help you answer these questions and find an organization to partner with that supports your organization’s mission and objectives. Once that partnership is secured, our experienced team will coordinate a media outreach strategy to highlight these new efforts.

COVID-19 Testing:
Our firm has extensive contacts with both healthcare staff available to administer COVID testing and with quick-turnaround medical labs to process those tests in 24 hours or less.  Our contacts can come to you, and administer hundreds of tests onsite.  Contact us for all of your testing needs!.

Preserving the most critical of all natural resources is of key importance to any elected leader.  Our team has experience in the areas of both program development and water project advocacy.  The world of water policy can be confusing, allow our team to help you navigate these complex issues.